Emily Williams


Emily Williams represents businesses and individuals in civil litigation matters. She particularly enjoys complex litigation, relying upon her skills of managing large volumes of data and documents, including in the area of construction litigation. She also thrives in smaller matters, especially where high-touch client attention is required.

Her attention to detail and ability to parse complex statutory schemes has been instrumental in her handling of administrative law matters, including protecting clients’ data from public disclosure under FOIA and the Texas Public Information Act.

Emily also has experience handling novel, non-litigation issues that require creative problem-solving, finesse, and persistence. For example, she negotiated a civil forfeiture matter involving the State of Texas, which resulted in her client recovering his property. She also used unconventional channels to make contact with hard-to-reach bank leadership to locate and restore her client’s funds from an account unilaterally closed by the bank.

Before attending the University of Houston Law Center, Emily worked for a global engineering and construction company. This experience taught her about various engineering projects and programs, including those related to infrastructure, environmental remediation, nuclear power, and defense.

Emily is a native Texan but enjoys traveling and taking in new cultures, cuisines, and experiences. She and her husband Manny Gardberg, a real estate lawyer in Houston, enjoy life in the city with their family and pets. In her free time, she appreciates being outdoors and participating in wildlife rescues. Emily is also the Director of Deed Restrictions for her historic neighborhood’s civic association.

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