Our Houston Law Firm Advises Clients on Fraud and Fraudulent Transfer Litigation


Sometimes a property transfer is not what it seems. While it is common for people to sell or give away property, such transferals might be deceptive.

We Help Clients Understand Fraud and Fraudulent Transfers

One significant Texas law that applies to fraud and fraudulent transfers is the Texas Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (TUFTA).

Specific provisions in TUFTA:

  • Define what is considered ‘property.’
  • Give a broad definition of what it means to ‘transfer’ property.
  • Set forth the differences between intentional or constructive fraud.

Perhaps someone owes you a debt or you might have a civil judgment against them. If that party transfers their assets to someone else, your judgment might be unenforceable. You might not receive what is owed you unless you act quickly.

It’s Important to Know the Signs

Sometimes you can look to the person transferring the asset to understand why it is wrong. Here are some examples of situations that might fall into the category of fraudulent transfers:

  • Parties to a lawsuit might transfer property, so it is not used to satisfy a judgment against them.
  • Property owners sell their property for much less than its value to protect it from creditors.
  • Someone transfers an asset but attempts to conceal the transfer or continues to manage the asset.
  • An individual abruptly transfers most of their assets, seemingly for no reason.
  • People might incur large debts immediately before gifting or selling their property.

If you feel you are the victim of fraud, please get in touch with us immediately. It’s crucial to address these issues as early as possible. Otherwise, it might be challenging to gather evidence and locate the property itself.

We Know How to Resolve Fraud and Fraudulent Transfers

Our experienced litigation lawyers strive to help clients successfully resolve fraud and fraudulent transfers. To discuss your potential claim, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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