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Our Houston Law Firm Provides The Experience You Need & the Results You Demand

The Houston law firm of Henke & Williams offers important benefits aimed to provide you with the best legal representation possible.

  • Extensive legal knowledge to provide nuanced yet practical solutions
  • Experience to help you with a variety of legal matters
  • Professionalism so we can work well with other counsel and the courts
  • Responsive communication to better understand your concerns and answer questions

A Houston Law Firm Focused on Your Legal Needs

Henke & Williams is here to assist you with your legal needs. Our potential clients come to us needing advice on various kinds of legal matters, from business divorce to mediation and more. We aim to provide professional, focused representation to all our clients. In particular, we make sure to learn about your individual situation so that we can better understand your legal needs.

Our Houston-based firm provides quality advice to our clients, who include businesses, individuals, and families in need of legal help. We are experienced in litigation, negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and document preparation. Whether you need tips on navigating a business divorce, have a construction dispute, or need other legal assistance, we’re ready to get started.

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Why You Need Legal Advice from Our Houston Law Firm

Sometimes, people involved in a legal matter decide to handle it without retaining a lawyer. This is typically a decision that will not help their case. In some instances, it could even hurt their case. We don’t want you to deal with complicated legal disputes alone. You need an advocate on your side to help you make the best arguments possible in support of your position.

Henke & Williams’s team of lawyers represent clients who care about results. When you need knowledge and expertise on your side, you should call our firm for help. We step in to analyze the legal issues involved in your case, assess and investigate the facts, and develop realistic solutions. Our firm takes the burden of a legal battle off your back and advocates for you.

How We Can Help You: Our Legal Practice Areas

At our Houston law firm, lawyers assist clients with issues in various legal practice areas.

Business divorce and private company disputes

We help business partners who need to end their relationship. We also help private companies resolve disagreements, such as shareholder disputes.


Our Houston-based lawyers handle a variety of disputes in court, including litigation in the following areas: business, oil & gas, construction, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud & fraudulent transfer, real estate, insurance, and intellectual property.

Business arbitration and mediation

If you have a business dispute that you want to resolve out of court, we have experience with business arbitration and mediation.

Civil appeals

Need to appeal an adverse court ruling? Reach out to our Houston law firm for assistance.

Professional liability

When you have a professional liability legal issue, you should seek counsel from our lawyers.

Estate planning

Now is a great time to get started on your estate plan with Henke & Williams.

Contested guardianships

Our Houston law firm handles contested guardianship matters on behalf of family and other interested parties.

Probate litigation, contested wills, and trusts

We work on probate litigation (disputes in court focused on people’s estates), including matters involving contested wills or trusts.

These legal matters can be complicated and time-consuming, so our Houston law firm aims to handle them for you. You can trust us with your important court battles and estate plans. Our knowledgeable attorneys will take prompt action to preserve your rights and assert your best arguments for success.

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