Business Arbitration and Mediation

Our Business Mediation and Arbitration Lawyers Can Guide You Through the Process

Business arbitration and mediation are both methods used for alternative dispute resolution. But what does this mean for your case?

Both mediation and arbitration can shorten the timeline from the beginning of your legal disagreements to the end. In some cases, parties might avoid litigation altogether.

Mediation Brings the Parties Together

During a mediation session, the parties and their attorneys meet with their mediator, an unbiased third party. After an initial session with all the parties and their attorneys, the groups split into different rooms. The mediator then moves between the parties facilitating an agreement, if possible.

Mediators do not hand down orders or force the parties into a settlement. The parties often participate voluntarily, although judges sometimes order mediation to settle a lawsuit before proceeding to a costly, time-consuming trial.

The attorneys at Henke & Williams are well-versed in mediation procedures, having successfully guided clients through the process.

Arbitration – A Legally-Binding Alternative

Sometimes parties engage in arbitration because an arbitration clause in a contract requires it. Also, judges sometimes require parties to arbitrate, but they can also set up an arbitration session independently.

This method of alternative dispute resolution is more formal than mediation. However, the parties and their attorneys typically have to abide by more stringent rules. One or more arbitrators preside over the session, which is more like a trial than mediation. However, taking your legal dispute to arbitration usually is less expensive than going to trial.

In most cases, the arbitrators’ decision is legally binding on the parties.

The lawyers at Henke & Williams understand how to represent their clients before arbitrators.

Houston Lawyers Helping You Find a Practical Solution

At Henke & Williams, we guide our clients to the method of resolution that best fits their unique situation. Resolving some disputes through mediation and arbitration is an option. To set up a consultation, call (713) 940-4500 or use our convenient Contact Form.

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