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Need a Houston Professional Liability Lawyer? Call Us When Your Career Is at Stake

If you are a doctor, nurse, CPA, or other professional, you have worked hard to build your career. Many professionals undergo years of intense training before they can even be licensed to work in their chosen profession.

Unfortunately, sometimes clients and patients fail to understand the treatment or services that they received. They may believe that their treatment was inadequate or incorrect. If they feel a mistake has been made, some may look to earn a quick buck from a lawsuit. And sometimes, despite years of practice, professionals do make mistakes, because everyone is human.

Perceived mistakes by professionals can lead to professional liability claims. These claims could seriously impact your career and the rest of your life. If you are facing a professional liability lawsuit or claim, you need a professional liability lawyer.

professional liability lawyer

Consequences of Professional Liability Cases

Ignoring a malpractice lawsuit can lead to dire and long-lasting consequences:

  • Temporary or permanent loss of license to practice
  • Skyrocketing insurance premiums
  • Reduced income
  • Bad press or negative client reviews
  • Damage to your good reputation

Your professional practice, let alone your personal life, cannot afford any of these consequences for long. You need help from a professional liability lawyer to minimize the consequences of a malpractice claim as much as possible. By handling your defense head-on, your lawyer can assist you with your license status and potentially, damage control for your reputation. You also may need assistance communicating with your malpractice insurance company about the situation. Don’t wait to seek legal advice from a professional liability lawyer about the consequences of a malpractice claim.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Professional Liability Lawyer?

Some professionals may believe that they should defend themselves in malpractice lawsuits or professional liability claims. They may think that their experience, training, and knowledge are enough to protect them. This couldn’t be further from the truth in many, many professional liability cases.

When you hire a professional liability lawyer, you get corresponding experience, training, and knowledge in the law surrounding malpractice. Your professional liability lawyer can look at the individual facts of your case to determine the best way to defend you against malpractice accusations. He or she also will review case law to present a legal argument in your defense. Moreover, your lawyer will handle legal filings or hearings on your behalf, leaving you time and brainpower to pursue your profession.

Act quickly to find a professional liability lawyer for your case. We suggest seeking legal counsel as soon as you learn that there might be a claim or lawsuit. If you have already been sent a complaint, you should reach out to our firm’s professional liability lawyers right away. There may be upcoming important deadlines that you need legal help to meet.

Elements of a Malpractice Claim

Depending on the type of professional liability or malpractice claim made against you, a review board, judge, or jury may hear your case. When determining your professional liability for an incident, your experience level or how few mistakes you’ve made in your practice may not matter for purposes of your defense. Malpractice claims have very specific elements listed in state law. State law also dictates which kinds of evidence are acceptable to prove each part of the claim. Generally, someone who files a professional liability claim must prove the following:

  • Duty: the professional who treated the accuser had a duty to provide a certain standard of care
  • Breach: that an action or inaction by the professional created a breach of their duty to the accuser
  • Damage: that the accuser was damaged in some way
  • Causation: that the professional’s breach of the duty of care caused the accuser’s damages

Your lawyer can help you develop the best defenses for each element of the malpractice claim. It is critical that anyone sued for professional liability speak with an experienced professional liability lawyer immediately.

Call a Professional Liability Lawyer to Defend Your Professional Liability Claim

We understand what is at stake in malpractice cases. Our professional liability attorneys aggressively defend clients against such claims. At Henke & Williams, we are experienced Houston lawyers serving professionals in many sectors. We can tailor a plan of action to your unique situation using our knowledge of malpractice and professional liability law. Call (713) 936-5521 or use our convenient Contact Form to set up a consultation with Henke & Williams.

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