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Some legal proceedings involve especially personal aspects of a person’s life.

For example, probate is the process where a deceased individual’s property is distributed according to their Last Will and Testament or by state intestacy laws. The executor or personal representative of the estate administers the estate until it is ready to be finalized. Often, the deceased’s grieving friends and family members find it difficult to handle the process.

Will and trusts usually are signed by people who care about passing their property on to their heirs in the best possible way. But heirs sometimes disagree with how a Will or trust was written or how property is being distributed.

probate litigation
Disagreements Can Lead to Probate Litigation

Sometimes the parties just cannot agree on some aspects of a probate matter. Common areas of concern include:

  • Is the Will valid?
  • Did the testator understand what they were signing?
  • Is the estate’s personal representative fulfilling their obligations?
  • Do any heirs feel that estate funds are being wasted or mishandled?
  • Do trustees or personal representatives have difficulty interpreting vague provisions in estate documents?

For these and many other reasons, one or more parties may decide it’s time to call a probate litigation attorney. If negotiations don’t work, the attorney might file a lawsuit. This not a step to be taken lightly, but it is sometimes necessary.

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