Civil Appeals

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Civil Appeals are one of the more complicated phases of litigation.

Taking a case to one or more appellate courts requires skill and the ability to strategize. It’s also important to be a skilled researcher who knows appellate laws.

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Where are Appeals Filed?

Lawsuits are filed in state and federal courts. Initially, the lawsuit proceeds through a lower court. For example, the Texas state court system includes the following courts:

  • Justice courts and municipal courts. Cases may be appealed to a county-level court.
  • District courts and county-level courts. Cases from these courts may be appealed to a Texas Court of Appeals.
  • Texas Courts of Appeals. Cases from the Texas Court of Appeals may be appealed to the Texas Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals.

Federal courts follow a different structure:

  • United States District Courts. In Texas, there are four districts:  Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western. Houston falls into the Southern District.
  • Circuit Courts of Appeals.  Challenges to U.S. District Court decisions can be appealed to the appropriate Circuit Court of Appeals. Houston cases are appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • United States Supreme Court. Parties can appeal Circuit Court of Appeals decisions to the Supreme Court. However, the Court accepts only a few cases for review.

When a litigant disagrees with a lower court decision, they have the option of appealing to the next level.

Everyday Situations That Lead to an Appeal

We often hear of appeals being filed at the conclusion of a trial. While that is one time you can appeal, it’s not the only one.

For example, attorneys may file motions throughout a lawsuit asking the court to issue a decision. The parties can appeal the court’s decision to a higher court if they feel the judge made a mistake.

Other reasons to appeal include:

  • A jury decision is wrong. For example, the judge may have allowed them to consider inadmissible evidence, or the jury instructions could be incorrect.
  • The judgment issued after a trial might not be appropriate, or mistakes may have been made.

Appeals are not always the practical solution. But when they are, we stand ready to take our clients to the next level.

We Focus on Getting Results for Our Clients

Civil appeals require close attention to intricate details, in-depth knowledge of the law, and efficient case management. The appellate lawyers at Henke & Williams have the skills and experience needed to achieve successful results for their clients. To set up a consultation, call (713) 940-4500 or use our convenient Contact Form.

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