Business Divorce & Private Company Disputes

Our Houston Business Lawyers are Dedicated to Helping You Resolve Your Business Disputes

People who go into business together usually expect their collaboration to be successful. But business relationships don’t always work out as planned.

You and your partner or partners might develop different visions for your venture. Maybe one or more associates stop participating, refuse to make capital contributions, or engage in behavior that sullies the company’s name.

Regardless of the reason, disagreements and dissension might make the relationship untenable. Sometimes, terminating the business relationship or deciding on a business divorce is in everyone’s best interests.

But How Can You Dissolve a Legal Entity Without Losing Everything?

This all starts at the beginning. When forming a business, it’s crucial to have robust and effective formation documents. Think of partnership agreements and buy-sell agreements as a form of business prenup. These legally binding documents provide guidance on how to start and terminate your business relationship. We strongly encourage you to have a business lawyer review any documents before you sign.

If the relationship reaches a boiling point, it might be time to start negotiating your terms. We can review and analyze your agreements, then help with negotiations.

Sometimes business partners can’t reach an agreement. If so, we might advise you to try mediation or arbitration as an alternative to filing a lawsuit. However, sometimes business litigation becomes necessary.

You Don’t Have to Handle Your Business Divorce Alone

As experienced Houston business lawyers, we help our clients find the best solution possible. Our advice is not “one-size-fits-all” but is tailored to your unique situation. To set up a consultation, call (713) 940-4500 or use our convenient Contact Form.

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