Ask a Texas Civil Appeals Lawyer: Should I File an Appeal if I Lose My Case?

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Do you need a Texas civil appeals lawyer? Jack’s company was the defendant in a lawsuit. At trial, the jury found in favor of the plaintiff, which left Jack’s company facing a judgment that could reach six figures. His disbelief at their verdict was based on the strong case presented by his attorney and several questionable decisions by the trial judge. Jack asked a Texas civil appeals lawyer whether to file an appeal or just let the verdict stand. Sometimes there’s just not a simple “yes or no” answer.

If you need advice on whether you should appeal a verdict, contact one of our knowledgeable Texas civil appeals lawyer today.

How Civil Lawsuits Progress

First, the plaintiff files a complaint or petition in the appropriate court. These documents are then filed on the other parties, who have a certain number of days to respond.

During the early stages, the defendant might file motions asking for relief, including a motion to dismiss. Later, either party could file other motions. Some, like a motion for summary judgment, could end the case immediately.

Then the parties exchange information and documents during the discovery phase.

If the case has not settled, it typically is set for trial. Pre-trial motions might be filed now, and judges could hand down rulings.

Trials can be decided by a jury or by the judge. Depending on the verdict, the judge could enter a judgment against the losing parties. Post-judgment actions also might be needed.

Reasons to Appeal

Any parties to the lawsuit could appeal the judgment with the help of their Texas civil appeals lawyer. But the parties actually can appeal many of the orders handed down as the case progresses.

Also, appeals are not limited to people who lose a motion or trial. Sometimes ‘winners’ are dissatisfied with a decision also. However, anyone who files an appeal must have a reason other than “I don’t like what the jury/judge did.”

Your Texas civil appeals lawyer might advise you to file an appeal for one or more of the following reasons:

· The judge committed an error of law.

· Facts don’t support the verdict made by the jury or the judge.

· The judgment amount is incorrect.

· A judge abused their discretion in a ruling.

The legal reasons mentioned above could influence your decision but remember that appeals carry increased costs. Of course, appeals lengthen the time your lawsuit is pending.

Still, sometimes an appeal is worth it. It’s very possible that an appeal could correct a mistake that affected your outcome. Your Texas civil appeals lawyer can advise you best about whether to appeal or not. Don’t try to make this difficult decision without the legal guidance and advice you need.

Discuss Your Claim with One of Our Texas Civil Appeals Lawyers.

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