The 7 Types of Construction Law Clients We Represent

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The 7 Types of Construction Law Clients We Represent

At Henke, Williams & Boll, we represent construction clients from all parts of the industry. We have seen the rapid growth of new builds in the Houston area, and we recognize that you need legal advice about many aspects of your work. That’s why we welcome clients from owners to general contractors to suppliers. Our legal services are tailored to your specific situation, whether you are a subcontractor or a developer.

  1. We Represent Owners

When you own a property and plan a to build a new project on it, you may deal with unfortunate legal disputes during the process. For example, you could find out that the construction company you hired used substandard materials, which could violate your contract. Land rights and access rights are also common issues that landowners confront when doing construction. Luckily, our firm is well-equipped to handle construction law cases for our owner clients.

  1. We Represent Developers

Developers managing large-scale building projects often have legal needs. You may be working with tens or hundreds of different contractors, suppliers, and other workers to build a development. You won’t want to be caught flatfooted if a dispute arises. You may need our legal help with anything from design defects to warranty issues to payment claims. At Henke, Williams & Boll, we can determine the most effective legal process for resolving your case.

  1. We Represent Builders

Like developers, builders may have legal needs because they are managing many different construction-related issues. You might have a dispute with a contractor, need help with a dissatisfied customer, or be facing a defect at one of your projects. In addition, code compliance can be a major issue for builders on both large and small projects. Our firm is familiar with the variety of problems that Houston area builders may face. That’s why our team of lawyers customizes our legal advice to fit your circumstances.

  1. We Represent General Contractors

If you are a general contractor, you know that legal disputes are not uncommon. Customers may dispute payment on a project or question why your work is taking so long. You may need to assert a mechanic’s lien due to nonpayment for your work. We are here to find the best solution for your needs, whether through negotiation or going to court if necessary. Call us today to learn more about our services.

  1. We Represent Subcontractors

Like general contractors, subcontractors run into disputes over their work often. Subcontractors may have disputes with customers as well as the general contractors who hired them. No one likes to have their workmanship questioned or not get paid in a timely fashion. You also may deal with contract interpretation issues or need help preparing a legally binding contract with a general contractor or supplier. We’re here to help Houston area subcontractors who need legal advice about construction law issues.

  1. We Represent Construction Managers

As a firm that handles construction law cases, we also represent construction managers. Managing a large construction project is not without potential legal pitfalls. If you have a conflict with a contractor or supplier, you need advice about changing an order, or you have a timeline dispute, we can help. Use the contact form on our website or call us for a consultation or appointment.

  1. We Represent Suppliers of Services or Materials

Last but not least, suppliers have construction law questions too. If you are a supplier, you may have contract disputes with construction managers or contractors. You may have missed payments from a subcontractor and need advice on how to file a mechanic’s lien. Or you might want help preparing strong contracts to prevent construction law disputes in the first place. If so, our experienced construction law lawyers can assist you with your needs.

Construction Law Issue? Call Us Today

At Henke, Williams & Boll, we routinely handle construction law matters for clients in the Houston area. We recognize that you need personalized advice for your individual circumstances. That’s why we take the time to research your case and customize our approach.  For a free consultation or phone appointment, call (713) 936-5521 or use the convenient contact form located on our website.

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