Filing for divorce is a difficult decision to make, and for some people the decision is never made for that very reason. When faced with having to decide issues such as child support and custody, dividing assets and debts, and facing your ex at every school play and graduation during or after the divorce, some people just decide not to file. This is especially true when the thought of going before a Judge arises, and the idea of having a Court deciding every little issue. No doubt going to Court can be intimidating, but there are alternative forms of dispute resolution that can help get you to a satisfactory result without the anxiety of going to trial.

One of the more popular forms of dispute resolution, and one that most Texas courts deem mandatory prior to trial, is mediation. In a mediation the parties agree to allow a neutral third party to hear their side of the story and then negotiate for results that are pleasing to both sides. Here are just a few ways going to mediation for your divorce can be helpful:

  • The procedure is less formal than the typical Courtroom setting and this alone can put parties at ease. When you are comfortable with your surroundings and do not feel intimidated it is easier to think straight and to come to a compromise on important issues.
  • A lot of the tendency to be confrontational is removed when the parties go to mediation, because the atmosphere is less stressful. The mediators separate the parties in different rooms, and right from the start it is made clear the goal is to reach solutions that are workable for everyone.
  • Mediation generally takes less time than a full-blown trial or other Court proceeding. In a world where nearly everyone wants what they want, and they want it yesterday, mediation can be beneficial to all parties and can expedite finalization of a divorce proceeding.

If you are thinking about getting divorced but are leery of the judicial process, please remember you do have options. Mediation is but one alternative available to you. Mediation can be beneficial to all parties, and can expedite the finalization process. For more information about divorce and what to expect, call our office today to schedule your appointment. We will review your options with you and provide the information needed to make a decision that meets your needs.

For answers to your questions about divorce, consult a qualified legal professional. Call Henke, Williams & Boll  at (713) 940-4500 to schedule your appointment today.

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