3 Reasons the Building Industry Needs Construction Law Firms

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  3. 3 Reasons the Building Industry Needs Construction Law Firms
3 Reasons the Building Industry Needs Construction Law Firms

There are three central and important reasons that the building industry needs construction law firms. First, construction law firms can respond to legal claims and lawsuits on your behalf. Second, construction law firms help you anticipate possible legal issues and address them. Third, construction law firms can advise you on contracts and compliance specific to your industry and business. In short, you need advice from a construction law firm to help your business run smoothly.

  1. Respond to Legal Claims and Lawsuits

First, construction law firms can help you respond to legal claims and lawsuits. The building and construction industry is highly regulated. Moreover, buildings and structures can be dangerous if not constructed or repaired properly. As a result, lawsuits, licensing issues, and fines are not exactly uncommon – whether they have merit or not. When you have been sued or face a legal claim, a lawyer can be of great assistance.

If you receive a demand letter or are served with a lawsuit, you may not be sure what to do next. You need to speak with a lawyer about your options and legal rights. Lawsuits surrounding construction and building can have highly specialized issues not present in other business lawsuits. For example, the warranties in new home contracts are a particular issue that may spawn lawsuits, if home buyers believe that a construction firm was at fault. Construction law firms that are familiar with the industry are the best choice to protect your business and help you move forward.

Initially, the lawyer can help you investigate the claims made in the letter or complaint. If you’re being sued, you will need to respond in some way, regardless of the claims’ merit. In some cases, seeking a settlement may be the best option. In other cases, you may pursue a mediation, arbitration, or trial. You need to respond to a lawsuit within a certain time period, so do not wait to contact construction law firms for assistance. Make sure you understand your rights and obligations under the law.

  1. Anticipate Possible Legal Issues

Anticipating possible legal issues can greatly help building industry businesses thrive. Construction law firms can anticipate possible legal issues that your business might have before they even occur. How could a lawyer do this? By reviewing your business model, contracts, and operations for potential problems now. Many times, you can take steps to prevent legal issues before they even arise. The lawyer may spot what seems like a minor issue, but it could become a lawsuit later. For example, an omitted clause from a contract or a minor typo in an application could have serious implications later. If you already believe you could be sued for something in the future, it’s even more important to talk to a lawyer about your situation. You need advice from someone who understands your industry. That is where construction law firms can help.

  1. Advise on Contracts and Compliance

Finally, getting advice on contracts and compliance is very important in the construction industry. Construction law firms with lawyers who are familiar with your needs are the best choice here.

Many building and construction firms run on contracts: agreements with subcontractors, agreements with suppliers, and agreements with landowners, to name a few. If your construction business isn’t on solid ground with its contracts, you could run into problems later. You must make sure that your contracts are in compliance with the law and cover the important terms that matter if you need to enforce the contract in court.

Compliance in other aspects of your business is important too. You should get a construction lawyer’s help to ensure your safety regulations, rules and practices, and arrangements with code enforcement or cities are well-drafted. There are so many laws that govern the construction industry – don’t risk your business by failing to get legal advice on your compliance.

Need Construction Law Firms? Let Us Help

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