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Timeline Issues with Your Project? Hire a Construction Law Firm

Are you having timeline issues with your construction project? Then it may be the right moment to hire a construction law firm. Whether you are a property owner, project manager, contractor, or otherwise involved in construction, timeline issues can frustrate your plans. Fortunately, you may have some recourse depending on the contract you signed.

How Timeline Issues Can Affect You

Construction professionals depend on timelines and cost estimates to help them complete projects. Unfortunately, delays and cost increases can stymie contractors trying to do their work. In the past few years, supply chain delays have become common due to the global pandemic. Moreover, the construction industry has faced cost increases due to inflation, labor shortages, weather issues, and other reasons for delay.

Delays in the construction process can completely throw off a project’s planned timeline. Project managers and other professionals work hard to create realistic timelines for construction. But unexpected issues such as a supply chain problem can bring a project to a grinding halt. Workers may need more time to complete portions of a project, which cannot move forward without the work. This may lead to cost increases, including labor costs and potentially greater materials costs if prices rise.

Sometimes, these delays are out of everyone’s control. Other times, delays were preventable with better planning ahead. Our construction law firm is here to help when you face a construction issue that could violate your agreements with the people involved in the project.

Your Contract Is Your Guide in a Construction Law Dispute

When you begin a construction project, you should have written, signed contracts with everyone involved. For example, one project may involve contracts between:

  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • The property owner
  • Architects and designers
  • Engineering firms
  • And more!

Many of these contracts may include specific terms regarding the project timeline. This means that the contracts explain when work will be completed and how long it is projected to take. They also may include cost estimates for labor and materials.

In addition, some construction companies use project managers to handle larger-scale projects. Project managers may prepare timelines or charts showing a project’s deadlines and progress. While not the same as legally binding contracts, these documents could play into a dispute over a timeline.

If you run into a timeline issue, the contracts you and others signed will be your guide in determining how to resolve the dispute. For example, your contract may provide for a remedy if a project step is delayed beyond a certain date, such as allowing a party to back out of the contract. Even if you have an unreasonable delay not spelled out in the contract, you might have a legal remedy under the principles of contract interpretation.

Your Construction Law Firm: Henke & Williams 

At Henke & Williams, we are the construction law firm you need for timeline issues. We are here to help people in the construction industry understand their rights and remedies. When a project gets delayed because of supply issues or other reasons, you need to consult a lawyer who is familiar with your work. Our experienced lawyers can review your contracts for the project and strategize solutions for your timeline issue.

Like construction projects, contract disputes over timeline issues may have a strict schedule you need to follow. For example, you may need to make a complaint about the timeline delay soon after it occurs to receive the relief described in the contract. Or you may need to seek advice right away so you can resolve the dispute before it derails the project. Don’t delay in reaching out to our construction law firm for the help you need. We’re here to give the legal advice you need.

Let Us Help with Your Timeline Issues

Our experienced construction law firm helps our clients find the best solution possible. Henke & Williams offers advice tailored to your unique situation. We work with people from all parts of the construction industry in the Houston area. To set up a consultation, call 713-940-4500 or use our convenient Contact Form.

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